Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the baby washcloths

The basby washcloths for the first baby are done, unfortunately without pictures. There was a lot going on, I had to drive to MD for the shower, and they weren't exactly done until about an hour before hand. I was actually sitting in Starbucks right before the shower, finishing up the last one and weaving in ends. They were very soft and well received. I'm working on another set for a coworker who just had a baby, and I'll take a picture of them. Too bad it's not a touchable thing, this Crayon yarn is unbelievably soft.

On other projects, I'm still working on the little jacket for the first baby (now I'm aiming for before he/she is born, since I missed the shower). I bought beautiful little buttons this weekend on my trip, but unfortunately bought 6, and the pattern calls for 7. PITA. I might actually call the little shop in Philly to see if they could send me one more. Seems like a pain for a $.75 button. I really want them to be the buttons, though. They're little wooden buttons with a little cut pattern on the front.

Minty, we should discuss our sock knit along. I don't like the way the pattern is written with the strange partial round to start, and I was thinking I might play with it some. I need to focus on this baby jacket for the time being, though, seeing as this kid is supposed to join the world within a month, and I should get it out to the mommies.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

soft as a ...crayon?

I was ordering some needles from KnitPicks and took the opportunity to also order a whole rainbow of Crayon yarn. I have a few people having babies and figured that machine washable 100% cotton would be good yarn to have around, pluss it looked really soft and so colorful. I have been working on a little baby jacket for a friend who is due in the end of December, but the shower is this weekend. Since the jacket is not going to be ready in time (I was really thinking I had all this time), I'm making little washcloths for the baby out of the Crayon yarn. It is ridiculously soft. I think I'm going to find a pattern to make myself a hooded sweater out of it. I just want to rub it against my cheek all the time. I'll post pics from home.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

So far behind

I am not going to get to my meme until this weekend. When I'm also singing in a concert with my chorus (Boston area readers, check out for details) and have a meeting for the alum club of my college. Oh, and I also have to find something quick and easy to knit for my boss' baby. I've only been working for her for 2 weeks and she's due next week, and I was totally shamed at a meeting when another coworker gave her a baby gift and I didn't have anything for her. So bad. I wound the sock yarn that Minty gave me. The colors are *awesome*. I ordered needles from Knitpicks and I'm so excited to get started on them ASAP.