Thursday, June 23, 2005

When will it end?

I am starting to think I'll never finish the x-back. I got to the bind off for the arm holes and was happily binding off while watching TV, and when I went back to count (which I should have been more careful with in the first place) I'd only bound off 9 instead of 10 for the first armhole! So I had to go pull out the whole row back to the end of the first bind off, and then, I did the same thing on the second arm hole, so back again. Good god. Now I've worked the first 5 rows of the upper front, and realized I somehow ended up with 2 too few stitches. I'm going mad. No more decreasing and watching tv. It's too dangerous.

In better news, I bought 3 audio books for my iPod so I can listen to books while I knit, and I'll be happy to have them with me on the plane on my VACATION!!! Which I'm going on tomorrow! Yay! So I have an excuse for not posting for the next week and a half. Woo hoo.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Ribbon X-Back progress

After not working on it for too many weeks (and being totally shamed by Minty), I have gotten to the desired length to begin the straps and shaping. Yay! I'm hoping to finish by the time I leave for Oregon on Friday morning, because I want to start another one. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the yarn and needles I bought get here this week. After working with my lion brand ribbon tape (which is quite nice, but a little scratchy), I was really jealous when I saw Minty's finished tank, because the yarn is so much nicer. So I followed her lead and got the Katia Ola (same blue and white stripe, #38, because the other colors aren't really worth buying). I'm also really tired of the crappy circular needles I've been using. So I broke down and bought Addi Turbos instead. Hopefully they will come by Thursday (fingers crossed), and I hope to post a finished pic of the first x-back by tomorrow or Wednesday!