Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Boye Needlemaster Kit

I don't have nearly a complete set of knitting needles. I have a variety of straight needles, and ciruclars in differenct sizes and lengths, but I do not have a comprehensive set of needles. Joann is having an online sale of 50% off one item. That would make the Boye Needlemaster set just $50, which is a good bit less than I've seen it for. I could also use the Michaels weekly 40% off coupon to buy them for almost the same price. Is it worth the money? I really lobe my Addi Turbos. I wonder if they have a similar kit. Although, it would probably be way more expensive. Anyone have positives or negatives to share?

Monday, April 25, 2005

More Ribbon Yarn

I went to Michaels the other day to get supplies for a non-knitting project (I'm making a guest book for a friend's wedding), and I ended up buying some Lion Brand ribbon yarn in Rainbow because the colors were fun, and I thought maybe if I liked the knitty x-back tank, I'd want more than one. I figured since that yarn was cheaper than the original yarn I'd gotten for the prject, I'd knit up the first on in that, work out the bugs. So I knitted up the swatch, and my stitches were not meeting guage at all. It calls for a size 11 needle, which I'm using, but I'm getting 16 stitches to 4 inches instead of 12 stitches to 4 inches. So now I face the choice of getting bigger needles (which would make it too lacy, I think), or adjusting the pattern, which seems like a total PITA. I thikn the problem is that the yarn is narrower than the stuff they call for. I should try a swatch with the original yarn I got, I guess, to see how that guage works out.

I went to the SnB at Panera in Watertown last week and had a great time. I brought along Liz and Kate, and we had a great meal and then joined the group already in progress. I got kind of wrapped up in the chatting and lost track of my rows so I had to stop because I was supposed to do a cable on the next row, but I was on the wrong side, so I needed to wait until I had better light to figure out if I'd done one extra, or not enough. Luckily I figured out when I got home that I'd done one fewer than I'd counted, so I didn't have to rip back. This was on the land and sea fairisle.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Posting Comments

Sorry to those who have tried to post comments to me. I had assumed anyone could post, but I apparently needed to change some settings. So if you want to comment, you should be able now. It is very exciting to get a referral on Bags 'n' Trash. :-D

Pictures! Finally!

I think I finally have figured out the posting pictures thing for real. This is a square I made for a baby blanket. This is the first time I tried double knitting. It's not perfect, but it was a great way to work on the technique.

This is the red side of the square.  Posted by Hello

The white side of the square. Posted by Hello

I am a big fat liar

I didn't mean to be, but I said on Monday that I'd put up pictures, and I haven't. It is because I am lazy. And that is why the sweater I've been working on for 2 years is only now almost half a sweater. I will chalk it up to the pesky homework assignment I have due tonight. I would much rather have been knitting and setting up my pictures last night, but instead I was doing my biostatistics homework. The joy, the unending joy.

I am, however, going to drag Bellaliz with me tomomorrow night to the Stitch 'n' Bitch at the Watertown Panera. I love Panera, so this should just be great.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Posting Pictures

I think I have figured out how to get the Hello thing to work, it was just acting funny last night. Thanks for the suggestions! Hopefully I'll have some pictures up tonight.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I get the anger Minty feels toward Blogger

I can't for the life of me post pictures. I get to a screen that I think should let me see my blog, to post from Hello, yet I can't post. So frustrating. Some day, I'll actually have pictures of my knitting on this knitting blog. :(

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

At least last night I knit

I did a few rows on a sweater I've been knitting for myself for almost two years. I am looking to knit while I'm watching TV instead of just sitting there like my body has been taken over by very lazy aliens. The sweater hasn't taken so long because it's tough, necessarily, mostly because I put it aside for loooong periods of time to work on other projects that knit up faster and are therefore more rewarding more quickly. This is the sweater. My mother gave me the kit for Christmas several years ago after I discovered the shop at Stitches East. They used to have a shop in Freeport, ME (another excuse to go, as if LL Bean weren't enough), but they are now only in New Brunswick. The yarn I'm using is a forest green and grey, two stands twisted together (it's one of the colors they offer - Spruce Green). I also have the wool and a pattern from them, beautiful navy blue yarn and matching wool fabric, to make a cardigan and a skirt, but I haven't even started that. Once I get new batteries in my digital camera, I'll post pics.

Monday, April 11, 2005

A Venture into Knitting Blogs

Well, I'm starting a knitting blog. The project I'm about to start is the Knitty x-back tank from the spring knitty. I got the yarn yesterday at The Knitting Room in Arlington. I will post pictures soon.