Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Can it be? I'm done!

I am back from several days away, wandering the mid-Atlantic. It was damn hot, but I knitted away. I did not meet my goal of finishing the sweater before I saw Gus. I had actually finished the knitting, but not the finishing, so back home to Boston it came. I just finished sewing on the buttons, and it is done, ready to go in the mail. I will post pictures once it's been received. I will also have pics of the blanket I made. Now I keep my fingers crossed that the sweater is not too big, and that he is in enough air conditioned spaces in the coming months to actually wear it. He's 5 months old, and I'm afraid he's already too big for the 9-12 mo sweater.

For future babies, I think I'll make things they don't wear, but can use, and not outgrow. Like toys or blankets.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Off to Reunion!

I'm going to DC to visit friends and to Bryn Mawr for my 5-year reunion this weekend. I was knitting diligently, only a bit left of the baby jacket, and I left it at my parents' house. I may be knitting during the Red Sox game tonight (I'll be *at* the park, I don't know if I can really manage it). It will be done by Monday when I see Gus. It will. There is no other option. I will post pics at that time.